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Automatic grinding workstation for welding scar of battery shell

2021-02-07 14:23:09 365

The battery box grinding equipment adopts the linear structure design, adopts the internationally famous controller Delta PLC as the main control module, and ABB Robot as the sub module to cooperate with the main control module to complete the movement

1. ABB Robot: the robot part adopts ABB Robot, and the controller adopts Delta, with flexible action, system combination, more accurate positioning and efficient and accurate grinding task.

Robot load: 10kg, robot arm spread: 1450mm

2. Force control unit: the force control unit adopts Truman (Beijing) pressure buffer module, which is specially developed for robot grinding. Pressure, angle and tool weight are adjustable

3. Grinding station 6: there are 6 grinding stations. The workpiece is detected by 6 proximity switches and the operation console is started and stopped manually and automatically

4. Main control cabinet