Cross truss manipulator

Line transfer manipulator

Truman company can make the line transfer manipulator, and load manipulator, and load robot

Project brief

    The product of the project is grasped by the manipulator and placed in the designated position. It can carry many items at one time, and can cooperate with the conveyor line to realize automatic work. The main body and beam of the structure are made of rectangular steel tube, which has good strength and rigidity and compact structure. The rigidity and stress of the whole structure meet the stress requirements by ANSYS analysis.




    The production process is highly automated and the production capacity is greatly improved;

    More safety, environmental protection, reduce human investment;


Memory capacity 4GB

Hard disk capacity 1T

The memory capacity of 2GB

Basic parameters

Brand Lenovo/ Association

Video card type independent development card


Display type wide screen LED

Other attributes

Suitable brand Intel/ Intel

Memory type other /other

7200 rotation of hard disk speed

Optical drive type DVD-ROM

After-sale service in China

1 computer mainframe

1 pieces of power adapter

1 pieces of display

Introductory guide (three package vouchers) 1