Cross truss manipulator

Drill pipe handling equipment

Truman designed gantry handling manipulator, can achieve accurate positioning, this product drill pipe handling equipment, in low temperature environment, realize heavy gantry handling

1、 Project introduction:

Design points: ① positioning accuracy; ② site position adjustable; ③ low temperature environment

2、 Equipment parameters

The weight of single drill pipe is less than 80kg

The conveying efficiency of drill pipe is less than 40s / piece

The gantry manipulator adopts two axis structure, and the main beam adopts fixed type. The flange connected with the gripper can adjust the horizontal rotation angle of the gripper.

Load: 300kg

X-axis stroke: 2000mm

Z-axis stroke: 1100mm

X-axis speed: 0.3m/s

Z-axis speed: 0.2m/s

3、 Working environment:

① Ambient temperature: -40℃~45℃

② Working temperature: 0℃~45℃

③ Environmental humidity: Average relative humidity: 30% ~ 50%

4、 Equipment picture: