H truss manipulator

Door panel gantry manipulator

The gantry manipulator of the equipment realizes the fixed-point transportation of the door panel and the skeleton. It is the gantry manipulator developed by Truman, which realizes the two position cooperative operation. It is a three-axis gantry transportation equipment

1  Project features:

1. Realize the fixed-point transportation of door panel and framework;

2. The two position cooperative operation is realized;

2  Equipment parameters

Z-axis load: 800kg

X-axis stroke: 3500mm

X-axis speed: 2m/s

Z-axis stroke: 1500mm

Z-axis velocity: 1.5m/s

3  Service conditions of equipment:

1. Ambient temperature:


2. Environmental humidity:

   Average relative humidity: 30% ~ 50%

4  Scheme layout