H truss manipulator

Assembling gantry manipulator

The gantry manipulator is used to realize the assembly of parts and the overall handling after assembly. The gantry manipulator can automatically grasp the workpiece, which is a kind of gantry manipulator

1  Project features:

Project requirements: using gantry manipulator to realize parts assembly and overall handling after assembly.

Project Description: ① automatic grabbing workpiece.

The main points of design are as follows: 1) accuracy; 2) reasonable layout of installation position of each functional part. 3) Safety chain protection.

2  Equipment parameters

Equipment load: 700kg

X-axis stroke: 14000mm

Travel Y-axis: 4000mm

Z-axis stroke: 2000mm

X-axis speed: 0-1m/s

Y-axis speed: 0-1m/s

Z-axis velocity: 0-0.5m/s

Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.03mm

3  Service conditions of equipment:

1. Ambient temperature:


2. Environmental humidity:

   Average relative humidity: 30% ~ 50%

4  Scheme layout