H truss manipulator

Gantry truss manipulator

Truman has been working in the field of heavy-duty gantry handling for many years. Its patented products include gantry truss manipulator, three-axis gantry handling manipulator, four axis gantry handling manipulator, etc. with good quality and trust, Truman has been recognized in the industry!

1  Project brief

Truss manipulator is mainly used for fixed-point loading and unloading of materials, grasping, with automatic control function, can automatically adapt to the working conditions of the production line; there are two axis, three axis, four axis and so on. Our truss manipulator is characterized by compact structure, high strength, good rigidity and high positioning accuracy.

2  Technical parameters:


3  Functional features:

  • Compact structure, powerful function, easy operation, high speed and accurate positioning.

  • Two axis, three axis and four axis automatic adaptation.

  • Applicable to all industries.

4  Application Industry:

Automobile industry: hardware, logistics, etc.