What are the benefits of using a truss manipulator?

Release:2021-02-27 08:58:32

What are the benefits of using truss manipulators for production-oriented enterprises? Below, the editor will take you to understand the benefits of using a truss manipulator:

1、 Save labor and maintain stable output

1. Using a robotic arm to pick up products, the injection molding machine can be operated without human supervision, without fear of leaving or employees taking leave.

2. Implement a one person one mechanism, equipped with conveyor belts, where one person can view 4-5 machines, greatly saving manpower and reducing worker wages.

3. People will get tired, and the time for the robotic arm to produce products is fixed, so there is no need to rest, especially in hot weather or night shifts where the effect is more pronounced.

4. Human interaction always leads to conflicts and affects production. The use of robotic arms reduces manual labor and prevents internal conflicts due to high work pressure, enhancing internal unity and company cohesion.

2、 Security

1. Due to the continuous improvement and strictness of labor laws, there is no longer a risk of accidental injury to employees when using robotic arms.

2. Fewer people come into contact with products to avoid employee burns caused by overheating.

3. No need to manually enter the mold to pick up the product, avoiding any safety hazards caused by this.

4. The robotic arm computer is equipped with mold protection, and if the products inside the mold do not fall off, an automatic alarm will be triggered to prevent damage to the mold.

3、 Quality

1. Taking the truss robotic arm molding machine as an example, if the molding machine is an automatic demolding machine, the product may be scratched and contaminated with oil when dropped, resulting in defective products.

2. There are four problems when taking out a product: first, it is possible to scratch the product with your hands, second, it is possible to dirty the product with unclean hands, and third, if multiple holes are missed and the mold is crushed. 4、 Due to personnel fatigue, the cycle is affected and production efficiency is reduced.

3. By using a robotic arm on a conveyor belt, production and packaging personnel can focus on quality control without being distracted or too close to the injection molding machine, which can affect work and reduce production efficiency.

4. The personnel's time for taking out products is not fixed, which can cause product shrinkage and deformation (if the material pipe is too hot, it needs to be re injected, causing waste of raw materials, and currently the price of raw materials is rising). The mechanical arm's time for taking out products is fixed to ensure product quality.

5. Personnel need to close the safety door before taking the product, which can shorten the service life or damage the molding machine, affecting production. The use of a robotic arm can ensure the quality of injection molding and extend the lifespan of the molding machine.

4、 Production efficiency

1. The stability of the machine can be controlled to control product quality, ensure customer delivery time, maintain good reputation of the enterprise, and improve its competitiveness.

2. Personnel taking products are not fixed, and the slow opening and closing of safety doors have a significant impact. In addition, people tend to be lazy and emotional, and are prone to fatigue and lack of energy at night. In addition, drinking water and using the restroom are also important factors, resulting in an estimated 24-hour production efficiency of only 70%. The robotic arm can operate continuously.

3. The investment cost recovery is fast, and for the products made by your company, the investment cost can be recovered within six months.

4. The use of robotic arms can enhance the overall production automation and enhance the company's image. The use of robotic arms reduces personnel usage and makes the site easier to manage, thereby enhancing the company's competitiveness.

5. If the product is manually removed for about 1000 molds per day, using a robotic arm can increase it by about 500 molds, which means using a robotic arm for about 1500 molds per day. If the customer's molding machine in the factory is automatic demolding, sometimes the product needs to be ejected 2-3 times. Prolonged time will affect production efficiency, and the product will fall off, causing scratches, oil stains, and mold pressing, resulting in defective products.

6. If the entire molding machine uses a robotic arm, each molding machine can save 1/3 or 1/2 of labor for quality inspection and packaging.

In summary, using a truss manipulator can accurately calculate daily production and delivery time. The use of robotic arms can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and is also a development trend!



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