What are the structures of truss robot?

Release:2021-03-02 09:23:38

In recent years, the technical level of truss manipulator manufacturers has greatly improved, and the gap with foreign countries has become smaller and smaller. Especially after the introduction of truss manipulator in machining center machines, the development speed has been particularly fast. The flexible processing automatic line transported by truss type robotic arms is promoted to international standards.

The truss robot mainly realizes complete automation of the machine tool manufacturing process and adopts integrated processing technology, which is suitable for loading and unloading, workpiece flipping, workpiece sequence conversion, etc. on the production line.

The truss robot consists of three basic parts: the main body, driving system, and control system. Classified by robot structure as Cartesian coordinate type, the robotic arm moves along a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system.

The main body usually adopts a gantry structure, consisting of Y-axis crossbeam and guide rail, Z-axis slider, cross slide seat, column, transition connecting plate, and base, etc. The Z-axis linear motion is driven by an AC servo motor through a worm gear reducer to drive gears to roll with the fixed racks on the Y-axis crossbeam and Z-axis slider, driving the moving parts to move quickly along the guide rail.

The moving parts are lightweight cross slide seats and Z-axis sliders, which are made of aluminum alloy profiles. The crossbeam is made of square steel profiles, with guide rails and racks installed on it. The entire robotic arm is suspended on it through contact with the guide rails through rollers.

The control core of the truss manipulator is achieved through industrial controllers (such as PLC, motion control, microcontroller, etc.). By analyzing and processing various input signals (such as sensors and buttons) through the controller, making certain logical judgments, and issuing execution commands to various output components (relays, motor drivers, indicator lights, etc.), the joint movement between the X, Y, and Z axes is completed, thereby achieving a complete set of fully automatic operation processes.

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