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Domestic industrial robot manufacturers begin to rise

Release:2021-02-07 08:22:58

Not long ago, the National Bureau of statistics released the latest data of domestic industrial robots. In September 2020, the output of domestic industrial robots was 23194, a year-on-year increase of 51.4%; from January to September, the cumulative output of industrial robots was 160715, a year-on-year increase of 18.2%. This month, the Q3 financial reports released by the robot "four families" (fanako, Yaskawa motor, KUKA, ABB) can also be seen that China is still the most important market for industrial robots. When other markets perform poorly, only the Chinese market is outstanding.

At present, the demand of China's industrial robot industry in high-end application fields such as automobile manufacturing and 3C electronics mainly depends on the products of overseas companies such as "four families", while the demand of industrial robots in low-end application fields such as chemical industry and metal manufacturing, which are sensitive to manufacturing cost, is mainly met by domestic industrial robots.


According to the statistical data of Mir, in the market share of China's industrial robot market in 2019, "four families" accounted for nearly 40%, respectively 12% of fanak, 11% of ABB, 8% of KUKA and 8% of Yaskawa;

In the proportion of domestic manufacturers' shipment, the top manufacturers are Aston 8%, Huichuan technology 6%, zhongweixing 6%, delta 6%, EFT 5%, etc.

In recent years, many domestic high-quality robot manufacturers have begun to rise, their share has gradually increased, and the replacement process has been accelerating. We can see from the revenue performance of these enterprises in recent years.

Just when the "four families" of robots are frustrated in the market except China, it is the opportunity for domestic industrial robot enterprises to rise. I hope that domestic industrial robot manufacturers can seize this opportunity to do their products well and realize the further expansion of the market scale.




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